Andy Lipman
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The Drive at 35 is an inspiration. Andy is a remarkable human being who has defied the odds by building a productive life and family. I'm glad to have had this chance to read his amazing story.

- Tom Glaser Atlanta, Georgia

I greatly enjoyed reading this book and had a very hard time putting it down. As a parent of a CF Male, I found it very promising to read this book and to learn that it was possible for him to actually experience fathering his own child. I challenge all parents, CF or not, to read this book and at the same time raise funds for a great cause. Andy's experience with CF is such a great inspiration to all and his accomplishments with his illness, college or running should truly be a genuine example to everyone.

- Sarah Simon Garden Plain, Kansas

I totally enjoyed reading Andy Lipman's first two books. However, his latest THE DRIVE AT 35, is the best yet. I was so impressed with Andy's raw openness and honesty. The book is truly inspirational. Andy's challenges and his determination to face them can be a lesson for all of us. I highly recommend this fantastic read to everyone.

- Loretta Bready East Greenwich, Rhode Island

In The Drive at 35, Andy Lipman reveals more than what it's like to live with CF. He takes you into the doctor's office, his relationships, his struggle with depression, his family, and his triumphs. He holds nothing back, and you walk away feeling hopeful. If you're looking for some inspiration, whether CF is a part of your life or not, read The Drive at 35. It's an actual account of learning to live with CF and of beating the odds.

- Scott Mastley Suwanee, GA

Funny, touching and encouraging are the words that come to mind after reading Andy Lipman's The Drive at 35. It makes you wonder whether there really are such things as limitations.

- Art Cummings Duluth, GA